LSA and Eastern Region Welfare’s Ramadan Food Basket Initiative

With an unwavering belief that access to healthy food is a fundamental right, LSA has continued its long-standing cooperation with the Welfare Organization to provide essential Ramadan food baskets to impoverished and socially vulnerable families in the area. This collaborative effort between the two organizations aims to alleviate the hardships faced by those who struggle to meet their basic needs during this sacred time. A group of volunteers participated in buying, preparing, and delivering Ramadan food baskets to the families in need.

The collaboration between LSA and the Eastern Region Welfare Organization is founded on the principle that no one should go hungry during Ramadan or any other time of the year. It is this shared vision that brings a group of selfless volunteers together to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

As LSA and the Welfare Organization continue to strengthen their cooperation, they reaffirm their belief that every individual, regardless of their economic situation, deserves access to healthy and nutritious food. The Ramadan food basket initiative serves as an inspiration for others to follow suit and work towards building a more equitable and caring society.

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