EV Charging Solutions

The increase in electric vehicles is already having a major impact on energy network management which will only increase as numbers of EVs grow rapidly.

Providing the infrastructure, knowledge and expertise, both Lucy Electric and its sister company Lucy Zodion are ideally equipped to provide end to end e-mobility ecosystems.

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EV Enabling Infrastructure 2021

From monitoring and managing network infrastructure to connected, adaptive on-street EV solutions together we have a wealth of experience ensuring we have the agility to future-proof smart city and home solutions.

From home to street, we can provide smart solutions which are connectable across the electrical infrastructure.

From domestic EV charging connections and home energy storage; to robust electrical infrastructure for rapid charging, network monitoring and smart grid solutions; to on-street fast charge EV points, and next generation intelligence which harnesses IoT technologies to make urban spaces more liveable and manageable.

Our knowledgeable and experienced teams can design, specify and deliver the right solution to meet your EV infrastructure needs.

Lucy Electric’s Gridkey supports world’s largest EV trial

Over the last two years, Lucy Electric’s Gridkey monitoring technology has been deployed at Western Power Distribution’s substations as part of a major innovation project…

Lucy Electric’s Gridkey Low Voltage electricity network monitoring supports Electric Vehicle ownership

The ability to provide visibility of the low voltage (LV) electricity network is essential in supporting the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) and other low carbon…