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Our solutions enable the safe and reliable distribution of energy to businesses and homes worldwide.

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Lucy Electric Product Portfolio


Lucy Electric Product Map

Our range of ring main units (RMUs) are all suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations and are designed to operate in the most extreme environmental conditions. Both oil and gas insulated ring main units are the result of extensive innovation, using advanced technologies and are subjected to extensive testing and safety standards.

Up to 24 kV Side and Rear Cable Entry


Up to 24 kV Front Cable Entry

Aegis Plus

Up to 36 kV Front Cable Entry

Aegis 36

Fuse Switch RMU


Our range of remote terminal units (RTUs) and disconnectors are ideally suited to overhead line automation projects, providing utilities with the ability to respond to changes in real time and support a more efficient and reliable network.

Air Break Switch Disconnector

Rapier AX

Double Side Break Disconnector

Rapier DSB

Dropout Fuses

Expulsion Fuses

Isolating Links 12 kV and 36 kV

Isolating Links

Enclosed Load Break Switch

Rapier GX LBS

Lucy Electric’s low voltage distribution product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor cut outs and pre-equipped cabinets, which incorporate our unique AcuLok fuse handle system – improving reliability and operator safety levels.

Multi-Service Distribution Board

MSDB Horizontal Busbar

Insulated 10-Way MSDB Board

10-Way MSDB Horizontal Busbar

Multi-Service Distribution Boards

MSDB Vertical Busbar

Fused Distribution Cabinet

AcuLok TMO

House Service Cut Outs

Single Phase Cut Out

House Service Cut Out

Three Phase Cut Out

Combined CT Metering Chamber & HDCO

Heavy Duty Cut Out

MLNS Terminal Blocks

Indoor Cut Outs

MC300 BS88 Fuse Units

Low Voltage Cut Out Accessory

Fuse Handles

Sub-mains distribution boards


Our complete range of automated electrical power distribution products give customers a choice of automation building blocks which can be tailored to offer a complete smart grid solution.

SCADA Software System


Remote Terminal Unit

Gemini 3 Modular

Remote Terminal Unit

Gemini 3 Mini

Analogue Measurement Module

Gemini - AMM

Our integrated medium and low voltage power distribution cabinet and fluid-filled distribution transformer.

Package Substation

Lucy Electric have accumulated a wealth of experience through close collaboration with Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and  large industrial customers in their respective fields of medium….

Using our expertise and experience we help organisations scope and specify tailored, future-proofed solutions. Once installed we can manage ongoing testing and maintenance schedules and support the long term development of your network.

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