Automating Ring Main Units

Developing a high performance network to meet growing demand whilst maintaining quality of service is an on-going challenge for energy companies. Add to this the increasing complexities in distribution from low carbon technologies and it is clear that for many companies, planned investment to meet future demands is a must.
Increasingly companies are looking for flexible, integrated solutions that are easy to install in a variety of locations. These need to be flexible enough to accommodate both retrofit and new installations, as well as the growing number of renewable connections.


Product Portfolio

We can offer a wide range of options that can meet the needs of your network at its different stages of development. Our ring main units (RMUs) are available automation-ready with integrated remote terminal units (RTUs). Designed to be quick and easy to install, they support the right physical infrastructure and the next steps in automation of your network.

Our RMUs offer the highest levels of reliability, safety and prolonged maintenance free operation. The range operates across various networks including a 36kV option which has one of the smallest footprints on the market. The variety and flexibility of the range means we can develop a solution to suit your asset investment plans.

Fuse Switch RMU


Up to 36kV Front Cable Entry RMU

Aegis 36kV

Up to 24kV Side & Rear Cable Entry RMU


Up to 24kV Front Cable Entry RMU

Aegis Plus

Up to 17.5kV Side & Rear Cable Entry Fuse Switch RMU


Remote Terminal Unit

Gemini 3 Modular