Low Voltage Monitoring & Analytics

The last mile of the distribution network has previously been all but invisible but companies can no longer afford to have the low-voltage network as a data blind-spot. The rapid growth in disruptive technologies such as microgrids, energy storage and electric vehicles, alongside the increased use of renewables and distributed energy resources is having a major impact on energy network management

Companies need the right technology in place to enable real-time information about the demands on low voltage assets and their performance, so they can make informed operational decisions.


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Our leading low voltage monitoring systems can maximise the value of your network data by turning the vast quantities of information available into actionable decisions. Using continuous remote monitoring you can spot current problems as well as identify at-risk circuits, helping you address faults before they occur while monitoring power quality, losses and theft.

We can also help with data management and analytics. Our secure data centre can manage and protect your data to give you peace of mind.


From identifying system imbalances, to understanding the level of losses on parts of the network, to monitoring the impact of low carbon technologies on power quality, we can help make your data work harder.

Our user-friendly display presents data in clear, simple and easy-to-read screens, allowing operators to make quicker decisions based on business and safety-critical information.

Our data centre service delivers a secure, high-integrity solution designed to integrate with third party systems. As well as data storage and management, the centre has a powerful integrated analytics system to help companies plan the best use of its assets.

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