The Covid 19 virus understandably continues to dominate CSR work across Lucy Electric.  As is widely reported, the demand for essential resources has placed several items in short supply for some front-line health and care workers along with those in need.

Lucy Electric Thailand  have been able to help by donating PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to the local Pluak Daeng Hospital. The PPE included face masks, gloves, and hand sanitiser. The nurses at the hospital were incredibly grateful for the donation which will help them keep safe when looking after patients.

Lucy Electric Thailand has also been very aware of the difficulties that this pandemic has caused for local charities which are now unable to raise much needed funds through their normal fund-raising activities.  Charities like the Camillian Social Centre look after the most vulnerable in society, in particular orphans affected by AIDs.

Staff at Lucy Electric Thailand , aware of their need donated essential Items including hand sanitiser and household cleaning materials. This helps to maintain hygiene standards and for staff to protect themselves and the children from the risk of contracting the virus.