Lucy Electric welcomes landmark Net Zero Supply Chain report

Lucy Electric has welcomed the publication of the landmark joint report by BEAMA and Energy Systems Catapult, titled ‘Sizing the Market Opportunity to deliver a Net Zero Energy System’.

For the first time, the report examines the challenges around resourcing the UK’s Net Zero supply chain and analyses the extent of infrastructure investment needed to meet Net Zero by 2050. It identifies major opportunities for our sector, both in terms of imminent investment in technology, such as focusing on flexible markets, energy efficiency and planning, as well as long-term job creation.

Welcoming the report, Richard Dick, Executive Chairman, Lucy Group said: “The electricity system will play a fundamental role in the transition to net zero, and the supply chain will be a core enabler for this major shift.

“This landmark report highlights the opportunities we can seize if we recognise the need for immediate investment to facilitate a smooth and lower-cost adoption of novel approaches and technologies. As a BEAMA founding member, we fully support today’s findings, and we call on the industry and government to act in a responsible and timely manner.”

Also lending his support, John Griffiths, CEO, Lucy Electric said: “The significant expansion of the electricity network to support low carbon heat, energy storage and EV charging, just to mention a few aspects, will require a resilient and flexible system.

“Such a system will rely on adequate and interoperable components and equipment, provided by a co-ordinated approach throughout the full supply chain. The BEAMA report clearly indicates the major steps required now, in order to achieve the targets of Net Zero 2050, as well as the benefits of early action.”

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