Lucy Electric were delighted to support local primary school John Hampden clear their gardens. The gardens had sadly overgrown due to the children and staff not being on site as much over the last two years.

10 volunteers from Lucy Electric, spent the day clearing, planting, and building two amazing bug hotels to encourage the children in learning about the natural world.

Together with the Shield Group a cleaning and property maintenance partner the team strimmed, weeded, and cleared the millennium garden, whilst also removing and disposing of an old green house. The children were involved much to their delight in filling up the bug hotels learning along the way about biodiversity and eco systems. Many thanks go to Shield for their hard work and tenacity, specially at using their specialist equipment to cut back greenery which would have taken days by hand!  

Both the children and the volunteers worked hard, laughed, and learnt a lot and were generally worn out by the end of the day.  Great work from everyone involved so thank you.

Check out the video here