After the success of last year’s volunteering day at Thomley, the Lucy Electric site were asked if they would come down again and do some practical work around the site to help the charity.   Twelve new volunteers got together to spend the day at this fantastic centre for disabled children and adults.  As a charity, Thomley are always in need of support as it one of the very few places in the country where there is enough space and specialist areas where children can enjoy the outdoors and be in a safe and understanding environment.

The centre caters to many disabled children whose parents come all the way from London and other areas to use their facilities. Thomley does the fantastic job of enhancing the well-being of disabled people through delivering activities that helps develop the skills they need to run their day-to-day lives.

The volunteers from Thame were delighted to help this special charity, spending the day painting the playrooms, cleaning toys and areas which needed a bit more attention and wrapping mountains of presents for the children for Christmas. The team had a great time and it was an opportunity to get to know people from different areas of the business and work together for a fantastic cause. A big thank you to everyone who to volunteered.