In the UK, the pandemic has emphasized the problem of schools being underfunded and the inability to access technology which is expensive. The subsequent lock downs have highlighted that many children don’t have access to computers at home. At the time Lucy Electric and Lucy Group were able to help by providing new laptops for local schools located near to both sites in Oxfordshire.

Lucy Electric Thame wanted to continue to support schools wherever possible. Old laptops which are now being upgraded to new ones, are being repurposed by IT and donated to those in need instead of being immediately recycled. The first batch of 30 laptops have been donated to Barley Hill Primary School in Thame, the staff were incredibly grateful and have explained the difficultly of trying to teach ICT in a school of 500 pupils with a shortage of equipment. Often pupils must share laptops or go without. These 30 laptops which are in excellent working order, will go a long way to help the school, particularly if students are required to isolate at home because of Covid.