The Camillian Social Center in Rayong provides many important functions in the community including palliative care, childcare and information on the prevention of AIDS as well as homes and shelters for homeless women and children affected by AIDS.

Our colleagues in Thailand have continued to support this charity by donating necessary medical items including hygienic face masks and alcohol gel. They have also provided scholarships for HIV-positive children so that while they manage their condition, they can also be educated and assist their transition back into the community.

Bryan Bowman LET Site Manager said:

This center takes in adults and children who are homeless and in many cases, close to dying from HIV complications. Their families either can no longer support them or have abandoned them. The goal of the center is to care for them and help them recover and rehabilitate so they can be active members of society again.
Nearly 80% of the staff were at one time a patient of the center who have now recovered and work as volunteers or paid staff. The center receives only 1% of its operating expense from government funds and depends on the community to support operational cost. Covid has made it impossible for them to run fundraising events. They currently have 35 adult patents and around 19 children at the school in their care and several others that they work with on an at home care service. They have another 10 serious cases that they cannot take in at this time due to lack of bed space and funds.