Lucy Electric are pleased to announce that the first Channel Partner meet organised by Lucy Electric India, Nashik, commenced successfully on 15th November 2022.  A total of 26 channel partners and their 31 representatives across an area of 3.3 million km2  came together at our factory in Nashik and participated in the event.

Firstly, the inauguration from Lucy Electric senior management team and from the Channel Partners took place. Following this, an introduction was made to the key people of the Lucy Electric Sales Team.

Under the guidance and strong leadership of the regional director, the introductory session was conducted, and he demonstrated the strengths of the organisation to our Channel Partners. The global scope of Lucy Electric as an organisation was introduced along with the solutions offered to Channel Partners and the sustainability goals and steps Lucy Electric are making towards achieving these goals were explained to Channel Partners by the Regional Managing Director.

The factory improvements including safety and quality standards were shown by our Head of Design. The commercial and legal aspects were explained by our Contracts Manager and key aspects regarding the market and growth segments were shared with the Channel Partners and essential customer values were also explained by our Business Development Manager.

The Head of Sales, explained the key features of our Ring Main Units (RMU’s) and its unique selling points which are creating value to the end customers. Various applications of Ring Main Units were also explained which gives our Channel Partners ideas on how to penetrate the market.

The Automation Sales Manager touched on the topic of Lucy Electric’s automation products and explained the strenghts of Gemini F-RTU product range.

Finally, the main attraction included a factory tour for all Partners to show our strength practically.