Lucy Electric Build a Sensory Garden at John Hampden School

Lucy Electric (LE) Thame’s leadership team recently partnered with John Hampden School in a special initiative to create a sensory garden for the students. The garden, previously cleared by LE Thame last year, had been used by a few year groups for growing strawberries and rhubarb. However, it has now been repurposed to create a serene and nurturing space for children, especially those who require respite in nature.

The LE Thame team dug up the planters, painted, and replenished them with fresh topsoil. The highlight of the day was the active participation of the students; the school’s eco group came down to help with planting. The children were eager and enthusiastic, joining the LE staff in planting a diverse range of flowers and plants in the newly-prepared beds.

The collaborative effort between the LE team and the students was productive and enjoyable. The perfect weather added to the cheerful atmosphere, creating an environment that provides sensory experiences and fosters a connection with nature. John Hampden School expressed immense gratitude to the LE team for their generous contributions to the sensory garden project. The donation of plants, paints, and work force invested by the team were invaluable to the school community.

Beyond the immediate benefits to the students, the sensory garden will contribute to the overall environment of the school. The carefully chosen flowers and plants, planted with the assistance of the students, will attract birds, butterflies, and other creatures, enriching the biodiversity of the premises. This newfound ecosystem will serve as an educational tool, inspiring curiosity and appreciation for the natural world among students.

By repurposing the existing planters, dedicating time and resources, and engaging the children in the project, the garden has been established for the school community, providing a wonderful quiet space and nurture a sense of environmental responsibility among the students.

LE Thame’s commitment to community engagement and investment is a shining example of positively impacting the world.

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