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Case Study: The National Electricity Corporation of Sudan

Case Study: The National Electricity Corporation of Sudan

The National Electricity Corporation of Sudan (NEC), is a state owned electricity organisation in Sudan based in the capital city of Khartoum. It is responsible for electricity generation, transmission and distribution in the country and also operates hydro, diesel, steam, gas and combined power stations.

The transmission network of Sudan consists of 220kV- 230Kv lines spanning 2,077 circuit-km and 132kV 150kV lines spanning 1,350 circuit-km in 2008. The electricity distribution network of Sudan comprises 0.4kV, 11kV and 33kV lines. The total distribution network is delivered through 63,719km of power lines.

The challenge

NEC embarked on a significant investment programme involving its electrical infrastructure.

In addition to this programme of works, NEC looked to improve both the availability and security of supply to existing customers already connected to their 11kV distribution networks.

Lucy Electric approached NEC with the intention of introducing remote control and monitoring systems for the secondary network to allow them to achieve this objective. In order to introduce this new technology in a phased manner, NEC elected to undertake a pilot project initially and identified six urban substations in Khartoum, both forming two split ring systems.

Some of these key automated sites included parts of Khartoum International Airport and an oil research laboratory - all deemed to be very important customer loads.


Key benefits

  • Auto-Sectionalising at mid-point and open locations
  • Remote control of automation sequences


Our solution

Lucy Electric supplied a range of Gemini automation products and services including the automated ring main units in the form of our latest design, SABRE VRN2a, fully equipped with motorisation of the ring switches and our Gemini-RTU acting as the telecontrol interface.

The turnkey solution also included the provision of data-enabled GSM communications and a standalone Gemini-SCADA system at the NEC Control Centre. All equipment and systems completed rigorous system design, integration and testing in the UK before
project implementation.



The two schemes enable NEC to both remote control and apply discrete automation sequences such as Auto-Sectionalising and Auto-Changeover at strategic mid-point and open point locations.

Since the successful implementation of the pilot project, NEC has since purchased further automated ring main units to extend the benefits to other parts of their 11kV networks.


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