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ABC distribution box

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The Lucy Electric ABC (aerial bundled conductor) distribution boxes are suitable for pole or wall mounting.  Manufactured in a high grade UV resistant material, the units can receive up to 9 service cables balanced over three phases.

Features & benefits

  • CNE and SNE versions available
  • Two M8 pinching screws per conductor with 4mm hexagon drive heads
  • Service conductor sizes up to 70mm²
  • Capacity for 120mm² incoming cables
  • Hinged cover with stay to aid installation in windy conditions
  • Insulated quarter turn cover fixing with additional padlock facilities for cover
  • Clear polycarbonate shrouds over Phase and Neutral/ Earth terminal blocks
  • Pre-moulded mounting holes in base fitted with removable plugs avoid the need for on-site drilling
  • Suitable for direct mounting to wooden poles or alternatively attachment to walls
  • Internal protection with cover off to IP2XB

Technical details

Technical documentation & specification

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