To celebrate this Earth Day, we here at Lucy Electric would like to share the good work we are doing to reduce our plastic usage – in honour of this year’s theme, “Planet vs. Plastics”.

Our people, helping work towards a plastic-free world

Across Lucy Electric we have demonstrated a strong personal commitment to plastic reduction and environmental stewardship. Through various initiatives, our colleagues have taken proactive steps to address the pressing issue of plastic pollution in their local communities, two standout examples are the ‘Ploggers’ in India and those cleaning the beaches  in Thailand. These examples showcase the personal commitment and passion of the Lucy Electric employees in driving positive change and promoting environmental sustainability within their local communities.

Ploggers, reducing plastic every step of the way

The Nashik Ploggers, a dedicated group of individuals from Lucy Electric India (LEI), have been at the forefront of environmental initiatives in the city of Nashik. Their efforts have focused on a unique activity called a “Plogathon,” which combines jogging and collecting plastic waste. In one event, the Ploggers, including Smita Gurav, Akshay Shete, Pranav Hanmante, and others, collected a staggering 400kg of plastic waste and rubbish from the streets of Nashik. Mayuresh Suryawanshi, a participant, expressed his joy in contributing to the community and the environment, emphasizing the importance of proper waste disposal and not littering.

The Nashik Ploggers have expanded their efforts beyond the Plogathons, engaging in a range of activities to support their local community and the environment. They have organized tree plantation drives in various locations, such as Pandavleni, Chamar Leni, and the Indira Nagar Jogging track, to enhance the city’s green cover. Additionally, the group has participated in clean-up drives along the Godavari River, ensuring the proper disposal of waste and preventing potential health issues in the water bodies. Their commitment to environmental preservation and community engagement has been exemplified through their participation in events like the Deepotsav at River Godavari, where they helped with the lighting of 30,000 lamps.

Taking plastic, leaving footprints in the sand

The Lucy Electric Thailand (LET) team demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship through a beach cleanup initiative along Dongtan Beach in Pattaya. In October, a group of 84 colleagues embarked on a 3km morning walk, but this was no ordinary stroll. The team members spread out and collected an impressive 300kg of rubbish, including plastic bags, water bottles, and other discarded items, showcasing their dedication to tackling the pressing issue of plastic pollution. This collective effort not only cleaned up the beach but also raised awareness about the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

To build on their previous work, the LET team recently joined forces with the Royal Thai Navy Fleet to combat plastic pollution at Dongtan Beach, located within the Royal Thai Navy Fleet in Sattahip, Chonburi. Over 100 LET colleagues and 20 naval officers from the Thai Navy collaborated to meticulously remove plastic waste that had become entangled in the sand.

The comprehensive clean-up effort yielded the collection of a wide array of plastic items, including coffee straws, plastic bags, water bottles, and more. By removing potentially dangerous plastic items from the beach, the joint initiative protected marine life, ensure the cleanliness and safety of the beach, and created an inviting atmosphere for visitors and tourists.

Lucy Electric, making progress toward a plastic-free business

The Lucy Electric Group has set ambitious sustainability targets to address our plastic consumption. We aim to eliminate single-use plastics by 2030, with an interim target to reduce non-recyclable waste by 40% by 2025. These goals demonstrate Lucy Electric’s commitment to reducing our environmental impact through tangible actions.

In pursuit of these targets, we have implemented several initiatives across our global operations. In our Dubai factory, we have reduced single-use pallet wrap by nearly 30% by transitioning to reusable pallet straps. In the UK, Lucy Electric is collaborating with our customers to design collapsible wooden crates, creating plastic-free reusable packaging materials. Additionally, our facility in Brazil has begun reprocessing plastic wrap, further contributing to the reduction of plastic waste.

Lucy Electric is also working to eliminate plastic in the new RMU (Ring Main Unit) packaging – including the packaging for our revolutionary Non-SF6 EcoTec. This packaging change represents another step in the company’s comprehensive approach to reducing its plastic footprint across its operations worldwide.