Utility networks face new challenges as part of their responsibility to support sustainable, secure and affordable energy. The era of building and managing infrastructure has been replaced with an evolution that sees a need to monitor in real time, to predict load more precisely and to adapt to the rapidly changing demand of EVs and renewables. Our AcuTec range, alongside all Lucy Electric solutions, has been designed to facilitate the decarbonisation, decentralisation, digitalisation and democratisation of energy systems.

Providing flexibility in a compact space is key to futureproofing the electrical infrastructure of a development for the growth in decentralised, low-carbon energy generation and supply.

In developing the AcuTec product we had to ensure it would:

  • Be LV Monitoring compatible on outgoing feeders
  • Accommodate all existing aftermarket fault reclosing devices
  • Have class leading cabling space especially for 300mm2 4C waveform cables
  • Have ‘standard’ size fuse handles to give greater flexibility in positioning the disconnectors and generator sockets

How we can help

We have created a cabinet which meets or exceeds all parameters and requirements to give the greatest adaptability for network operators. In addition to all the ‘must haves’ it has a number of features which go beyond specification as well as its compatibility with our industry-leading LV monitoring, Gridkey, or as part of our package substation solutions.

Meeting your challenges

AcuTec has been designed to comply with ENA TS 37-2 / BS EN 61439, is compatible with the transformer standard Type ‘F’ flange, and is currently undergoing formal, final assessment and approval by the Energy Networks Association panel.

Available in 800A and 1600A versions, it also incorporates class leading 500mm plus Neutral core length for 4 core cabling, and its fuse way allows fitment of third party fault re-energising devices.

It is engineer-friendly, designed with fitters in mind by having more space for cabling than any other cabinet available. It is also future proofed to meet the growing demand for home electric vehicle (EV) charging points.

This is the LV fuse cabinet of the future – available today.