We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new enhanced Data Centre, designed specifically for low voltage monitoring systems.

Part of the GridKey low voltage monitoring range, our new Data Centre has enhanced analytical features and a completely new web-based, front-end graphical user interface (GUI). Based on the previous No-SQL data-base structure, the new Data Centre allows analytics to run on the data collected in real time, so that a series of issues such as voltage excursions, fault information and power quality problems can be quickly identified.

Director of Smart Grids for Lucy Electric, Paul Beck, explains the benefits to customers:

The real value of low voltage monitoring doesn’t come from the data produced by the monitoring equipment installed on the network but from the information derived from that data. The value is in what we call ‘actionable information’, or in other words, information that allows the network operator to take action by reducing operating costs and improving the service for consumers.

Along with the enhanced analytics, the new front-end GUI is designed to help operators quickly interpret the monitoring data through clear, at a glance dashboards. By providing a simple representation of complex data which can be interrogated at network, regional and individual substation level, the user interface supports faster, value-based decision-making and active network management.

Working on the best way to display information to network operators has been an 18-month project. Our team at GridKey has collaborated with external experts who brought experience from a wide variety of other industries.

Data Centre Team Leader, Jordon Griffiths, explains:

When designing the display of information our objective was to make it as intuitive as possible, so providing a top level dashboard which allows simple prioritisation of any issues found on the network, whilst still allowing the user to actually see the raw data collected if needed. The dashboard provides simple colour coded status information and allows filtering so that specific network issues can be understood and addressed. It is also really accessible for customers and no new software is required. The interface uses a secure password protected, web-based portal, so customers can simply login through their existing computer.

The new Data Centre also has a continuous improvement loop built in. The website dashboard features a ‘Provide Feedback’ button for customers to send comments directly back to the team. This feedback is regularly reviewed and will form part of GridKey’s future development plans. Monthly updates to the analytics and graphical interface are also planned, providing new features and continuing to refine solutions in line with customer requirements.

For more information, contact sales@gridkey.co.uk.