Low Voltage Cut Outs

Indoor Cut Outs

Single Phase Cut Outs 230V up to 100A rated

House Service Cut Outs

Three Phase Cut Outs 400V up to 100A rated

House Service Cut Outs

Combined CT Metering Chamber and HDCO 3phase 400V up to 630A rated

The Lucy Electric CT metering chambers integrate with the Lucy Electric range of heavy duty cut outs to provide a complete, ready to install solution in one of the most compact packages on the….

Heavy Duty 3 phase 400V up to 630A rated

Lucy Electric’s all insulated heavy duty cut out is available in 200A, 400A and 630A rating options and is designed for indoor installation.

MLNS Terminal Blocks single phase 230V 100A rated

The two terminal block variants provide looping facilities and are typically used for neutral or earth applications in the service intake area.

MC300 BS88 Fuse Units single phase 230V up to 300A rated

Self- contained fuse module which can be built into an OEM assembly.