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Licensed Solutions

Licensed Solutions

In a globally competitive market place; becoming a Lucy Electric Licensee is a conduit to commercial success. Our aim at Lucy Electric is to ensure your company realises potential commercial advantages and builds a lasting partnership.


By becoming a licensee your company will:


  • Provide employment for local people
  • Take advantage of government tax and import incentives
  • Experience growth within an existing market
  • Enjoy the full support of a globally recognised switchgear manufacturer
  • Receive technology transfers from our expert engineers
  • Apply your branding to established and proven switchgear products
  • Build a lasting relationship and become part of the Lucy Electric family


Our licenced solutions department can offer a wide range of support and expertise enabling your company to manufacture Lucy Electric products as a Licensee.

Easy Start-Up

To enable initial market penetration, product familiarisation and end customer approval; the start up stage allows your company to brand the product with little capital expenditure.

Stage Progression

As your company becomes more familiar with Lucy Electric products, you will be fully supported to indigenise components and assemblies for manufacture in your or local companies; thereby, benefiting fully from local government incentives.


Lucy Electric Ltd items will be supplied as fully specified kits. However, we will provide the time, opportunity and support to indegenise most of the kit items providing local area employment.

Our Support

Our Licensed Solutions department multi-disciplinary team will:

  • Assist with the selection of suitable products for your market
  • Assess your company and identify where support is most needed
  • Prepare legal contracts and documentation
  • Prepare full bills of materials, provide drawings and technical specifications
  • Facilitate product training for your personnel both at Lucy Electric sites and in your factory
  • Provide full support during your preparation to manufacture and assemble licenced products
  • Provide full assistance in manufacturing products that exceed your customers expectations 

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