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Fuse handles

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Designed for positive manipulation, the fuse handles clamp the fuses via wedge tightening thumb screws. Manufactured in impact resistant glass reinforced polyester, the units feature test access points enabling fuse integrity to be checked with the handles in situ.

Features & benefits

  • Fine thread thumb screw for close control of fuse tag compression
  • Apertures provided for test probe access
  • Shroud shape designed to optimize operator protection
  • Through grip handle on 400A and 630A sizes to facilitate manipulation
  • Brass wedges ensure reliability of performance throughout product life
  • 200, 400 and 630A ratings
  • Accept BS88 slotted tag fuse with 83mm (200A) or 92mm (400 and 630A) centres
  • Secondary fused  version for use in link boxes with Kehui T-P22 cable fault monitoring equipment

Technical details

Technical documentation & specification

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