Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Organisational Governance

Awareness of Personal Integrity and Responsibility
We require our employees to conduct themselves with the utmost integrity at all times and take responsibility for any conduct which falls short.

Wherever we do business in the world, we ensure that we, our employees and associates comply with all applicable anti-bribery and corruption legislation. We condemn corruption in all its forms and do not tolerate it either in our own businesses or in those with whom we do business.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We are mindful of the effect of our presence and activities on local environments around the globe, and always seek to have a positive impact upon each society in which we operate.

Environment, Health and Safety
Ensuring a safe working environment for our employees, contractors and visitors, and protecting the wider environment we all share key concerns in our business. Through the leadership of our managers and the commitment of our employees, we aim to conduct all our operations in a safe manner that minimises environmental impact.

Security of Assets and Data
We place the protection of customer and business data as a top priority, and strive both to protect our own intellectual property and to avoid the unauthorised use of others’.

Financial Accountability and Fraud Prevention
As well as complying with applicable accounting standards, we maintain our own stringent controls to ensure high standards in all our financial operations. If any misconduct does occur, we encourage staff to report their concerns, and we deal with these properly and effectively through our whistle blowing procedure.

Global People Management
We believe that fair employment and people management practices create an engaged workforce, so we employ people across the globe in accordance with local labour, employment and business practices.

Compliance with the Law
We conduct ourselves in compliance with local and international laws at all times and with sensitivity towards local practices. We endeavour to be cooperative in dealings with all authorities and government agencies, and to provide them with appropriate and correct information in a timely manner.

Conflicts of Interest
We require all employees to keep their personal interests separate from those of the company. Personal decisions and business relationships are based solely on objective criteria, and we work to ensure any actual or apparent conflicts are disclosed appropriately.

Human Rights Commitment
We conduct our business with respect for human rights. We do not tolerate discrimination based on nationality, race, religion, gender, disability or any other reason prohibited by applicable laws, and will not accept conduct from others which violates these principles.