Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our People and Society

Taking Care of our Employees and their Communities

Lucy Electric provides fair and equitable employment terms and conditions. We benchmark people management practices to create an engaged workforce and do more than just keeping the company in compliance with applicable labour, employment and business practices which helps us to maintain to a productive and committed workforce. We also endeavor to assist and support our local community and charities and encourage our staff to do the same.

We have secured ISO 18001 certification across our established manufacturing sites and are progressively bringing our new operations on stream. We measure the safety status of all our sites every quarter across a range of attributes to target improvement actions.

Lucy Electric complies with all laws pertaining to freedom of association, privacy, immigration, working time, wages and hours, as well as laws prohibiting forced, compulsory and child labour and employment discrimination. We conduct our industrial and employee relations business in an open and constructive manner and have embedded diversity across the business. We have simplified our key principles and translated these into local policies so that they may be easily accessible to everyone throughout the organisation.

We work hard to develop work/life skills providing tools, resources and a supportive environment for all employees.

We provide fair and equitable employment policies as appropriate in each country where our employees work. We resolve conflict through understanding differences and determine the most appropriate course of action with all parties involved and we encourage all employees to raise any concerns within the company.


Employees are the key success factor for our business. By engaging with our employees, we create a working environment in which everyone feels valued and can achieve their potential. We hold an annual CEO communication transmitted to all locations in addition to local team meetings to cascade strategy, key objectives and business performance. We value employee engagement and create a working environment where everyone can contribute.

Customers are the life blood of any business. We aim to deal honestly with our customers to secure their loyalty and trust by providing products and services which exactly match their requirements in terms of price, quality and specification. We regularly review our performance in meeting our customers’ expectations through customer satisfaction surveys together with feedback from our sales and customer service teams.

Ethics and Best Business Practice

Lucy Electric embraces the philosophy of customer satisfaction and continual improvement. The management system evolves and strives to help achieve new levels of business excellence.

Lucy Electric fosters a culture which permits freedom of thought and expression within a framework of mutual respect. We promote a positive culture for all employees to contribute through self-evaluation, learning and innovation.

We set out to create ethical business relationships that are conducted and maintained while working for Lucy Electric. This is achieved through policies that apply to all levels. Respecting the interests of all our stakeholders is vitally important for Lucy Electric. We actively engage, listen and respond to their concerns being open and honest in our approach.

Lucy Electric is committed to supporting the communities in which it operates. We regularly engage with the local community and authorities in order to manage the social, economic and environmental impact of our operations. For example, Lucy Electric proudly supports the Thame Green Living Plan (GLP) – click here for more information.

We undertake various activities around the world to help improve the future prospects of those local communities and engage with and support the most vulnerable.