In the run up to British Science Week on 8th-12th March, our team in Thame were approached by St Marys Primary School in Haddenham to ask if Lucy Electric would partner with the school for a day to teach youngsters about science and engineering. Lucy Electric engineer, Mike Jones, kindly accepted the challenge!

Mike taught reception and year 1 classes (4-6 year-old children) about electricity and how it is used, and he even helped them to make static butterflies! He addressed an assembly of 150 pupils to explain what it’s like to be an engineer and what his day-to-day role consists of. During the assembly, Mike cleverly explained that his computer aided design (CAD) work sometimes looks like Lego instructions, a comparison that most young children would understand.

He explored key topics such as renewable energy (including solar and wind power) and shared a number of fun facts. The children were then encouraged to think outside the box and come up with their own ideas for new inventions.

Science week provides a great opportunity to get children thinking about the importance of engineering and we look forward to inspiring more young minds next year!