Overcoming the challenges of access to electricity through grid and infrastructure development Currently less than 25% of the overall population in Sub-Saharan Africa has access to reliable electricity, with an even smaller percentage (10%) in rural communities, in comparison the rest of the world’s access is above 80% (with Europe, North America, and LATAM all having above 97% access).

Cross-governmental and international bodies have all dedicated initiatives to provide power to African communities. Collectively, these organisations are working to efficiently and reliably provide the grid infrastructure required. This infrastructure has remained a challenge and many solutions have been turned down. Lucy Electric invites you to consider the opportunities and challenges facing the use of microgrids to solve these problems, by focusing on:

  • The challenges and barriers in decision and policy making
  • How to maximise community and customer engagement
  • Technological solutions to previous problems
  • Effective business models and energy supply
  • Financing and how to fund this change

This is a chance to listen to a presentation and panel discussion, as well as joining the debate on the future of energy, in Africa, with a leading secondary distribution expert. Lucy Electric is keen to engage with projects across Africa and help to provide efficient solutions to communities without access to reliable electricity. Speakers:

Tim Spearing – Automation – Lucy Electric

Dr Phil Evans – Energy Services – Lucy Electric