On the 21st of September Lucy Electric UK launched its STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Young Engineers Project to 30 pupils from a selection of local schools; the project aims to engage young people in STEM by teaching them practical engineering skills through fun and challenging tasks. Lucy Electric UK sent a cross-departmental team of 11 members, which included our own young engineers and engineering apprentices. As well as teaching new skills and collaborating with the community, this was the perfect opportunity to inform students about the work of Lucy Electric – showing how all of our products and solutions work seamlessly to provide power to our homes.

During the event the students were shown how to wire a basic electric circuit, after getting to grips with the physical aspects of the circuits everyone was then introduced to the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) that they would be using. In order to understand the PLC students were taught the basis of two programming languages; flowchart and ladder logic (the industry standard code).


This introduction laid the foundations for the main challenge – a task that will be on-going for the next 12 weeks which requires creative thinking, use of practical skills and ingenuity. The students will be creating a working physical model of the network, and program the PLCs to deal with power outage events, which will simulate and allow reactions to faults across an open-ring circuit. Across the model networks students will learn how Switchgear operates and understand its importance in a network, this model will offer a small scale insight into the way that electrical networks are created, modified and managed. The teams of students will compete against each other to create the best project, in three categories: the most innovative/creative Ring Network Design, the highest quality PLC program and finally the projects presentation. Lucy Electric’s support of this project extends across the 12 weeks, providing technical support to students and visiting the participating schools. To end the STEM – Young Engineers Project Lucy Electric will distribute prizes to the best projects, in their respective categories.


Our Lucy Electric STEM Ambassadors team continually wish to encourage students by showing them something new and exciting, laying the groundwork for future engineers. It is our hope that events like this appeal students to start their professional journeys as engineers.


For more projects like this head to our CSR page http://www.lucyelectric.com/en/about/csr/