Lucy Electric Brazil (LEBR) proudly supports Lar Baptista Esperanca (translated as ‘the hope’), a local children’s home that helps and shelters abused and orphaned children. In May 2019, staff at LEBR visited the Lar Baptista Esperanca Day Care Centre, which provides local people (and particularly children) with a range of activities to aid their learning and improve their future career prospects. This includes learning computer-based skills and English language skills.

LEBR staff met the students and spoke to them about the dangers of drug abuse. They also gave inspirational talks to encourage the students to focus on their studies and follow their career aspirations. Staff spoke about their own career paths to demonstrate how success is achievable through hard work.

LEBR also offered support to local children by getting involved in a wonderful community-based initiative. Staff took more than 130 children from Caximba, one of the neediest areas in the region, to the local zoo and provided snacks for the children out of their own resources. LEBR will continue looking for new ways to support community activities going forward.