Lucy Electric Brazil (LEBR) proudly supports its local children’s home, Lar Batista Esperanca (LBE), and in May 2019 staff visited the LBE day care centre for the first time. The centre provides local people (and particularly children) with a range of activities to aid their learning and broaden their future career prospects. This includes learning English and developing computer-based skills.

The team educated students on key topics, including the dangers of drug abuse, and gave inspirational talks to encourage them to aim high and achieve their career aspirations. Staff shared stories about their own career journeys and how they got to be where they are now. The aim was to demonstrate that success is attainable if the students are willing to put in the groundwork.

Staff also got involved in a fantastic community-based initiative which involves taking local children on fun days out. LEBR organised a day trip for more than 130 children from Caximba, one of the neediest areas in the region, and took them all to the local zoo. The team provided food and refreshments and did everything they could to make the day was as memorable as possible.

LEBR will continue to look for new ways to help its local community, particularly when it comes to supporting disadvantaged young people.