Green Switch Solutions Ltd is a leading renewable project developer specialising in fully-funded commercial photovoltaic (PV) farms, roof mounted PV, and biomass installations to agricultural and commercial markets in the UK.

The Challenge

Green Switch Solutions approached Lucy Electric to deliver and install the client side switchgear infrastructure for two 3000kVA solar farms simultaneously. All equipment had to be delivered, installed and commissioned to both sites before the Ofgem feed-in tariff changed, which meant working towards a tight deadline. Each solar farm would feed electricity to approximately 1,000 homes in the local area.

Our Solution

Utilising Lucy Electric’s well-developed procedures and expertise in delivering Medium Voltage (MV) switchgear, our Energy Services team immediately assigned a project manager to ensure resource availability and to electrify the two solar farms against a tight deadline.

Both solar farms had very similar MV needs, so Lucy Electric used identical client side MV switchgear. We established that our Sabre range of switchgear would be the most efficient, due to its resilience and performance characteristics when connecting generation sites.

This equipment consisted of one Sabre VCE2a 250A CB motor close 24VDC actuator with OC&EF protection 200/100/1A CT’s, directly coupled to a non-auto/non protection Sabre VCE2a as a point of isolation for the rear mounted direct coupled with a three phase – three limb air metering unit (11000/66000/110V – 400/200/5A CT’s), providing voltage reference for G59 tripping in conjunction with CB actuator previously mentioned.

In total, four Lucy Electric engineers worked to install the projects.

Site one: Walmoor Solar Farm

  • DC capacity: 3.68 MW
  • Agreed export capacity: 3,000 kVA
  • Grid connection voltage: 11kV
  • DNO: WPD East (Nottingham)

Site two: Rookery Solar Farm

  • DC capacity: 2.71 MW
  • Agreed export capacity: 3,000 kVA
  • Grid connection voltage: 11kV
  • DNO: SSE (Bognor)


Lucy Electric’s Energy Services team implemented a clear and organised project management plan, allowing them to meet a short deadline. By using highly trained jointers and fitters, we were able to ensure that equipment was delivered on time and installed and commissioned in the allotted project time frame.

Lucy Electric prides itself on delivering the best solutions for our customers and their clients. We offer a range of HV, MV and LV switchgear products up to 145kV and associated protection, including G59 and NVD for generation sites.

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