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How we work

How we work

We believe in people and we know that development and individual responsibility go hand in hand. We know that you will strive to do your best, to undertake your responsibilities and to make our customers happy.

From day one, an orientation programme will help you understand your mission and our business strategy. We aim to give you the means to build your career, develop your employment opportunities and learn new skills.

Our career advancement programmes will help you grow both personally and professionally and you’ll have opportunities to change functions or work overseas.

Our learning and training programmes provide personal and professional enrichment opportunities and the chance to continuously enhance your skills to support your success.

We recognising that each employee’s contribution to the performance of the business is important and we ensure remuneration is fair and competitive in the relevant market. Depending on the country and position, your compensation package includes benefits such as bonuses, health insurance or pension plans.

We value each employee’s opinion and you will have the chance to voice your views in an organisation-wide satisfaction survey once every two years, helping us to continuously build a better place to work.


A Culture of Diversity

At Lucy Electric we promote diversity and inclusion because we recognise they are a source of strength and competitive advantage. Creativity and innovation spring from a mixture of backgrounds and viewpoints.

Our presence in over 50 countries makes us a multicultural organisation by nature. Our long-term investment in the ‘new economies’ like India, China reinforces that. Wherever we operate, we assemble multinational teams and foster diversity, encouraging cross-functional and cross-border collaboration. Our international mobility programme supports this diversity.

In the spirit of progress, we adopt an inclusive approach. We seek the best worldwide and welcome all talent, without any partiality whatsoever. What counts foremost is a demonstration of the potential and competencies we need:

  • To develop new products that meet new needs in energy efficiency  
  • To sell creative solutions perfectly suited to customer requirements

At Lucy Electric, we believe that helping you as an individual to realise your full potential will help the organisation overall to achieve outstanding results.


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