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Trident ring main unit

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Lucy Electric’s Trident oil insulated, fused ring main unit range includes non-extensible, extensible and modular options. A leading performer in the global market, the units incorporate HV fuse protection and are suitable for use in both rural and industrial applications. They can be positioned in the most extreme of outdoor conditions with ambient temperatures from -10oC to 55oC, humidity of up to 100%, corrosive regions, oil fields and other hostile environments.

The range can be fully equipped with automation features to meet customer’s remote monitoring and control needs.

Features & benefits

  • 15.5kV and 630A rating
  • Rugged design for humid, corrosive and hostile environments
  • Compact, extensible and modular range
  • Freestanding and transformer mounted units
  • Easy integration with SCADA network

Technical details

  • Isolation in oil
  • IP54 for installation outdoors
  • Fully interlocked switching mechanism with padlocking facility
  • Sideways and rear cable termination
  • Motorisation for remote control

Technical documentation & specification

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