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Combined CT metering chamber and HDCO

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The Lucy Electric CT metering chambers integrate with the Lucy Electric range of heavy duty cut outs to provide a complete, ready to install solution in one of the most compact packages on the market.

Features & benefits

  • Dual chamber construction with sealable, lockable doors
  • Factory configured one piece assembly
  • 200/400/630A ratings
  • Incoming and outgoing conductors up to 300mm2
  • Provision for check meter
  • Kelman Fusemate, Rezap and Litton Veam generator handle compatible
  • Removable N/E link for use with CNE 3C and SNE 4C wire 50Hz 400V systems
  • Lug or shear off mechanical connector termination solutions
  • Bolted busbar connections between cut out metering chamber and heavy duty cut out
  • Pre-fitted single ratio metering class CL 0.5 CTs (200/5, 400/5 or 600/5 according to the fuse rating of the HDCO)
  • DIN rail mounted voltage potential fuses
  • MOCOPA 3 or 5 compatible DIN rail mounted modular test block
  • Accepts polyphase meter with ISO mountings

Technical details

Technical documentation & specification

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