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Heavy duty

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Lucy Electric’s all insulated heavy duty cut out is available in 200A, 400A and 630A rating options and is designed for indoor installation. The 200A unit accepts BS88 J type fuses with 82mm centres whereas the 400 and 630A use 93mm fuses.  Conductors up to 300mm² aluminium or copper can be terminated in the 630A version. All ratings of HDCO can be retro fitted with the Lucy CT Metering Chamber.

Features & benefits

  • Tough, fully insulated construction
  • Troughs providing choice of three cable entry positions  
  • All external cover screws are captivated
  • Keyhole fixings on uppermost body attachment points
  • Two external M12 earth studs
  • Outgoing cables exit the top of the unit via a closed cell foam cable bush
  • Sealing wire facility
  • HDC630 trough can be fitted to HDC400 unit for increased cable core separation
  • Incoming terminations via range-taking, mechanical shear off connectors or compression lugs
  • Outgoing terminations via range-taking, mechanical leader clamps or compression lugs
  • Removable N/E link for use with CNE and SNE systems
  • Removable clear internal insulation shields to incoming and outgoing phase and neutral/earth terminals

Technical details

Technical documentation & specification

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