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Gridkey – Unlocking the Smart Grid

GridKey is a world leading Low Voltage (LV) continuous monitoring system, which measures, communicates and stores real-time data and through a suite of analysis tools translates this into actionable information.

Using the information, distribution network operators (DNOs) are able to plan and maximise assets, diagnose and solve problems faster, and reduce capital and operational costs.


-       Planning for load management and cost effective investment

-       Fault prediction, improved fault location and faster resolution

-       Reducing losses, technical and non-technical

-       Maintaining power quality


Gridkey is a collaboration between Lucy Electric and Sentec, the smart grid and metering specialists. The experience of both of these companies is being utilised to continually develop and market the award-winning low voltage (LV) substation monitoring system – GridKey.


This system is fitted to the feeders of an LV substation without interrupting supply to customers. It provides continuous remote monitoring of the substations as well as timely warnings, faults, status and loading information. This output from the Gridkey unit is sent to a secure cloud based datacentre, which provides remote access for data interrogation or the use of pre-set reporting packages to maximise the creation of your actionable information.


Products & Services 

Gridkey Sensor 

GridKey provides a family of high-accuracy Class 1 current sensors that are quick and easy to install.

The sensors are designed as part of the innovative GridKey Low Voltage Substation Monitoring System. This system will revolutionise substation monitoring, enabling continuous real time data on all feeder cables and is designed to be part of the Smart Grid.

  • Easy fit and compact
  • Robust and durable
  • No calibration or maintenance 


Gridkey MCU

The MCU continuously and accurately measures and calculates a wide range of grid condition data including:

  • busbar min / max / averaged voltages
  • minimum, maximum and RMS current and phase for individual phases per feeder
  • active and reactive powers per feeder
  • stores 1Hz raw measurement samples for a period of seven days and calculated values for up to 180 days.

The MCU has GSM/GPRS modem as standard but also features an auxiliary port that can be connected via optional network interface modules to provide customised interface solutions, providing a highly flexible means to connect to the GridKey data system or the customer’s own data systems.

The MCU is fully configurable at installation time via a standard IEC optical probe with a laptop or PDA. Parameters that can be set include:
  • substation identification and location information
  • the feeder connections used
  • the reporting intervals and alert message settings
  • measurement parameters.

At any point in operation, the data reporting and alert messaging settings for each MCU can be individually re-configured via its network interface. The operator can select the MCU measurement reporting interval from every minute, hour, day or week as needed. Any stored data, including detailed raw measurement data can be retrieved, for instance if detailed analysis of a specified timed event or period is required.



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